If you are planning to buy a private jet but lack the capital, consider an asset-based loan. This particular loan type is often overlooked because the situations in which asset-based loans are used are not that common. However, a private jet purchase could be just the right situation.

Both lender and buyer might feel safer going with this loan type rather than looking for an alternative. But there is more to these loans. If you have plans to get a private jet and consider using your asset as collateral, there are a few questions worth asking.

Can I decide everything…

The attack claimed by Daesh at the airport in Kabul (Afghanistan), Thursday August 26, left at least 85 dead, including 13 American soldiers. Evacuation operations resumed on Friday, despite fears of further deadly actions.

At the hospital, an interpreter injured in the attack at the Kabul airport (Afghanistan), Thursday, August 26, said: “ I fell into the stream. I thought I was the only one still alive. . There were dozens of people dead in the canal. According to the Pentagon, a single suicide bomber blew himself up in front of one of the gates to the airport. The…

The military junta returned to power on February 1. Many of the country’s top leaders have since been arrested. In particular Aung San Suu Kyi, head of government and the first cone of Burmese democracy. On Saturday, the violence exerted by the police against the demonstrators escalated.

The scene is surreal. Fitness teacher Khing Hnin Wai films her sports class. Behind it, the main avenue of Naypyidaw (Burma), which leads to the Parliament. But on February 1, the usually empty road to this “ghost capital” filled with tanks. …

Faced with the massive dissemination of false information on vaccination, several citizens groups are working to inform Internet users. And these activists from civil society no longer count their hours. Testimonials.

“ Fake news takes the elevator, but the truth often takes the stairs.” Antoine Daoust goes into the real estate metaphor to describe the information dissemination circuit in times of Covid-19. Since February, this blogger has been “debunking” false information on a platform with the Hollywood name, FactandFurious.com. …

We all take as an example the leaders who marked their time, their era: Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc …
We all agree that these people are formidable managers and leaders, showing exceptional leadership.

But what brought them to this point?

What is the recipe for moving from a team leader to a leadership position?

What makes the whole world recognize them as leaders?

How to develop your leadership?

What is a good leader?

Before answering these questions, it is important to ask yourself what a good leader is.

A good leader is someone who gives a vision, a common objective, and who…

The Democrat said on Tuesday he was stepping down after a New York prosecutor’s investigation found he had sexually harassed eleven women.

“Andrew Cuomo has finally resigned”, headline, relieved, Jezebel. Tuesday, August 10, a week after the publication of “a resounding report” noting accusations of sexual harassment brought against him by eleven women, in the words of the American feminist site, the governor of the State of New York announced that he would leave his post in fourteen days.

“Given the circumstances, the best thing to do right now is to step aside,” he said at a televised press conference…

Even though all the studies on well-being at work show the correlation between work motivation, the overall well-being of the employee, and his performance, companies are still mostly reluctant to work on the levers of work motivation at work.

But how can we get there? What drives employees to lose interest and totally demotivate their work?

And then first of all what is work motivation at work? And how do we measure it concretely?

What is work motivation?

Before looking at the most important demotivation factors for employees, and the levers available to companies, directors, and managers to boost the work motivation of their…

The dismissal of an employee who had refused to take an oath out of religious conviction was deemed abusive by the Court of Cassation. How far can an employer use the principle of secularism in the company to sanction these employees?

November 2007. An employee of the RATP must take an oath to pass from the status of the trainee to that of permanent employee: “I swear and promise to perform my duties well and faithfully and to observe in all the duties imposed on me. “. She does not wish to pronounce this commitment in these terms on the…

More and more USA companies are offering their employees to take as much time off as they want to promote their development and retain their talents. But this formula does not only have advantages.

Take as much time off in the year as you want? It is not a utopia but a trend that is attracting more and more USA companies, mainly start-ups. As often, this initiative was born in Silicon Valley, at the heart of companies like Buffer or Netflix, the idea being to encourage employees to take vacations, in a country where there is no definition. …

Making a Video Marketing strategy is a great way to grab the attention of your target audience. Indeed, every day hundreds of thousands of hours are spent watching videos on platforms such as Youtube.

In addition, Internet users tend to prefer this format to articles that require a certain amount of concentration. It is therefore in your best interest to integrate video into your video marketing strategy.

Several companies have already adopted it and some can testify to a positive return on investment. To gain visibility, you can also create videos for your website and social networks.

Sortlist helps you…

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