3 Ways Infographics Can Boost Your Resume’s Content

When the time comes to look for a new job and you need to polish or update your resume, you may wonder what type of content will most likely catch an employer’s eye. While different strategies may give your resume a boost, adding dynamic content on your own is possible as well, such as adding infographics to your resume in the form of pie charts, graphs, and maps. Infographics can give prospective employers the opportunity to learn about your education and experience in several ways.

1. Maps Will Show Your Global Reach

If you have ever worked remotely in another state or country or want to display the depth of your experience and impact you’ve had on different communities, adding a colored map to your resume is a good way to do so. Today’s printing technology allows for smaller graphics that still retain their sharpness, so you can add a world map to your document without having to sacrifice too much space.

Use bold colors such as red or yellow to highlight the different states and countries where you have had an impact in the past, and then use keys to direct the reader back to matching information. This allows the reader to learn as much as they can about your employment history in a short space of time, which can be an advantage when you’re applying for a job that has a large number of applicants.

2. Use a QR Code

Using a QR code that can easily be scanned with a smartphone or other mobile device can be a highly useful way of linking prospective employers to an online portfolio, expanded resume, or other documents as a way of saving space on a printed document. Because you want your resume to be as concise as possible but still give your would-be employers access to as much information as is needed, a QR code is a smart and techno-savvy way to accomplish this. Once a manager or HR director scans the code, it will instantly link him or her to a website, providing them with valuable information.

3. Add a Skills Development Chart

An article from USC reports that visual information can offer viewers valuable insight. One way to showcase career growth is to add a skills development chart to your resume. Not only will this enhance your work history section but it will show your prospective employers, at a glance, which skills you have mastered and which you are still developing.

Adding company icons to a chart like this can also make it easy to see which companies you have worked for in the past. This can allow company managers to see how quickly your skills grew and match you with a job that perfectly matches your skill set. The more specific you can be about your skills, the more efficient your resume information can be.

Adding infographics to your resume can enhance your document with colors and shapes that are pleasing to the eye and will make the reader want to know more. Whether you get resume help from a professional resume creation company or fashion your document from scratch, it will have to stand out from the competition in order to get your skill set and talents noticed.

Originally published at Mab Tech Blog.

Aashish Sharma is a Founder and Blogger at https//www.entrepreneuryork.com, specializing in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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