How to Become a Pro Blogger- 8 Tips for Success as a Professional Blogger

oving from part-time to full-time blogger that is becoming blogger pro is an adventure that is prepared like a commando operation! Here you have 8 tips to become pro blogger . The follow is to give every chance to succeed your project homework .

Making blogging his job, earn a living full time with his blog, become pro blogger is the dream of many people. For many people making d u blogging part-time may seem impossible to consider practicing in time full to find a main source of income. But with the right approach and constant work in the long term it is perfectly possible to become pro blogger and correctly make a living with a blog.

I’m not saying it was easy. Nothing is simple except for dreamers and followers of quick fixes. But as in many situations, analyzes, information, training, preparation and work in constant allow to succeed in blogging. Many books to change lives constantly remind us. Blogger Pro is not only a profession that is primarily a lifestyle where independence, freedom, personal development and meetings constitute the spearhead.

I give you in this article a number of thoughts and things I consider to be useful for those who want to take the plunge. Is sometimes just a book to change life, we will include in this article a few tips and a few helpful things to help those of you who want to make that choice. Clearly move from blogging part-time to full-time blogging for a living with, well guess preparedness and therefore anticipate a maximum of situations because anyway tell yourself that there will be periods necessarily more favorable than others. and this is not only a business here booked online. This is a similar case in many areas of life.

Tip 1: to become a professional blogger success requires the ability to build a network

The network concept is for a business on the Internet as in the real economy. This is also one of the biggest problems of all entrepreneurs or freelance: isolation, being alone isolated from others even cut other. This is the error that should not be done and should be avoided to do from the start because it is often much greater than people think holders and project developers.

So to summarize, you must create a focus on building your network because each blogger is connected to others in your industry, in your niche and have a strong network you will have the ability to deal with a maximum of situations in your blogger activity. Indeed, the network allows to find solutions to everything.

Creating and developing your network of contacts will allow you to be in touch with people who are in the same area as you and therefore it can afford to build partnerships that will allow you to know you more.

But it will also allow you to develop your sales and more generally your business.

Building your network will facilitate the more interactions between users and your site to the extent that social networks facilitate sharing. Building a network is also often receive very good advice that will help you deal with situations more or less difficult, at least faster progress in the development of your skills .

In the same logic it is advisable to adopt a proactive approach that involves taking a hand to other blogger make contact with influential people in your industry. To achieve this objective doing a selection the best bloggers at least influential bloggers you want to know. Make these bloggers know that you want to contact them, meet them and leave a comment whenever he publishes a post. Share links to their posts via your social networking profiles and create an interaction, an exchange with them. this is not only a very good thing for the development of your business but also humanly speaking, a good thing for your own personal development. How many friendships were formed with this spirit and through this process. It is therefore appropriate to reserve you everyday moments to grow your network. They are essential periods that are part of your job to go to other bloggers and create layouts relationship. That will be very often the birth of new opportunities.

Tip 2: If you want to become pro blogger you must consider the possibility of a slower than expected start

Manage it is anticipated, provide a complementary activity to find a deadly weapon last in a launch Internet business

Skip Blogger part-time to full-time blogging also needs to prepare this passage. Also to move forward, it is important to have the peace of mind and avoid as much as possible the tensions inherent to money worries . Lost wages when changing activities or when we do change it is real and often underestimated.

Also, if you take the total income you want to acquire in passing from part-time to full-time blogger blogger you can choose a certain percentage of your income from another activity or a complementary activity to avoid tension income.

Indeed nothing says that the development of your blog through a full-time will automatically and proportionately increase your revenue sources. If this is the case then good for you, no problem, but if this is not the case you doing?

You must hang this parameter into account, not everything goes as planned not necessarily. There is often a difference between a forecast and the reality on the ground! This is often a problem for the creator of a business on the web.

The anticipation is predict and plan is to integrate.

This logic is required to amortize at best sometimes slower start than expected.

Also, it may be advisable to consider making temporarily freelance work or practicing freelance writing to find additional sources of income until the income from the activity of blogging full-time are at their optimum.

For sites that want to expand their audience content is king. It is very common for third-party sites will draw on the freelance writing is to say to the creators of content for web editors to complete, enrich their own content.

Many bloggers and many websites looking for freelance journalists or quality of content creators single in areas such as social marketing, Hightech media, new technologies, for example. This perhaps just in your own area.

There are many web writing platforms that can offer such possibilities as intermediary. The Anglo-Saxon market you eg ProBlogueur job site that sells content creation. You can also contact the major news sites on topics that interest you. Try your luck you have nothing to lose.

If you are a designer or developer, orient yourself of matchmaking platforms, there are many classified by industry. For example if you are a programmer or a developer you are looking or if you find a web editor etc …

In the same logic if you have expertise in your field, know-how, you can become editor of these platforms. We discuss here the fields of IT and web rédactio for these platforms, but you also have many other existing platforms in various industries.These individuals are remunerated by taking a percentage on sales that are made but you do not have all the prospecting work to do since the linkage is through a marketplace (marketplace).

Also, the combined strategy of making money with your blog while working in addition to freelancing in order to generate additional income v ou will manage the transition at best in order to win your full time living with your blog.

When I speak of transition that is to say, the step between the time your blog is started part time for example and the time or full time it will save enough money to make a living. You must provide a financial solution to manage the time between the two periods and thus avoid financial harm trying to launch any business whether online or not.

Tip 3: When we became pro blogger, you must set specific work hours and stick to it

You can manage your business from your home as in a business center with an office you rent.

In both cases one of the main challenges you will confront you will be managing your time. You will have to set blocks of time for each thing . You will have a quasi-military organization with course flexibility. But for every time slot you must establish that you do. And this not only to avoid disperse you but also require you to concentrate on the essential from the start of the launch of your full-time job.

For example you can book the morning in your SEO to optimize your content and the establishment of exchanges to expand your network on social networks. You can spend the afternoon in the creation of video content like writing articles. This is of major trends and summaries. This example is not obviously not limiting. A you set the mode of organization for you.

In all cases you need to be structured you need to plan, organize and hold your schedule. Time passes very quickly especially when working at home and the days are sometimes well short when to manage everything within a blog or a website.

As long as you you threw in the design, production digital training, it will further demonstrate methodology. Take the right methods and good habits like good rhythm from the start it will save you many troubles. Adopt the method of the checklist that will allow you to structure the working procedures and a clear vision of what you have to do for the week and the day.

Meanwhile, it is essential to preserve hours of relaxation and sharing with family and friends to do something other than constantly thinking about your blog and your business. We must remain true focus but without “fanaticism” excessive.Although in reality, the contractor or project owner thinks only that. A project is a creation all short, it’s a baby that can cajole and we see growing with pride. So inevitably, passion leads to excess but success is often at this price!

Tip 4: The pro blogger should give priority to quality over quantity

This is a valid strategy for any blogger, which manages a large site where a smaller site. This is especially true for those who are part-time bloggers. You will be hard pressed to compete with the top blogs in your industry where large segment of your sites that generate large volumes of content so audience.

If we can not compete with them on the ability to produce large volumes in amount given the size of your business or considering your operating mode, you have to attack them on the quality of the content itself.

Rather than seeking to publish many mediocre quality content opt for a rate of publication smaller but with a high quality for your content.

This will not only make an impression about the quality of your content, but it also marks the spirits about your seriousness and your ability to treat subjects funds. The loyalty of your audience and sharing your content in social networks will be made that easier. The quality of your content will also allow you to build a targeted audience that you can propose several types of products.

It is also important for you to diversify your sources of income.

Tip 5: The pro blogging is to design a diversified business model without dispersing to manage the risk inherent in any business launch

Many bloggers believe generate a turnover passing through the advertising from Google Adsense. This is a mistake, very little money to see you win at all with Absence unless you have a large audience. This means millions of visits per month. Better to focus on sustainable solutions that truly enable you to develop your sales.

Great opportunities stand out. The first is the affiliation as a source of income , the second is the creation of online training or digital products sold as ebook for example, or videos. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list but only two solutions among the “easier” (you will need about the same work to be successful even in these areas) to put in place to diversify its sources of revenue in a blog.

Whatever the method, you will be advised to study and observe the competing sites in your area and try to understand how they monetize their content . Seek to understand and reconstruct an economic model. Of course I still accurate once this is not to make a copy and paste of the economic model of competing sites but rather to dissect their business model to help you build yours.

I find it rather clever ability to be able to build on what works and try to optimize it to go further by going faster. The experience and the efficiency of others is a chance for you. Must be analyzed to understand and replicate intelligently by changing the model studied.

Tip 6: The pro blogger must build a list of emails essential for your business

List building emails should be a priority that can be blogger part time or full time. This not only allows you to send messages to your lists and generate visits, constitute a hearing but also participate in loyalty. This also allows you to offer affiliate products or promote your own products while developing strong relationships with your readers and subscribers. Both say right away that building an email list is strategic for any blogger worth the name wishing to live on its business. Of course building a list of emails can be done with an autoresponder . There are many among the most recognized and advise we Getreponse, MailChimp Aweber, autoresponder SG. You have to put in place processes and strategies to facilitate the capture of email. Guide, checklist, white paper etc … You can also use WordPress plugin that optimize the email address list constitution.

Tip 7: The professional blogger should know reinvest a portion of his earnings in his tool

Insofar as you earn money with your blog, a section will be devoted to your expenses including your pay, another part will be devoted to savings. It is then advised to build a financial reserve as for precautionary savings in preparation for periods less favorable to business (you’ll necessarily!). another part will be devoted to reinvestment to grow your business. This can be hardware, external services etc …

Why not reinvest part of your earnings in the outsourcing of certain work to create a product that you can sell during the months coming years. Example to develop a plugin or a small program to solve a problem facing your customers on your market segment, for example. This can also be re-invest some money in advertising to help develop your blog or your list faster.

Why not reinvest either a portion of your earnings to hire a designer, developer for specific jobs that are coming additives create small programs to your blog to facilitate its management.

Tip 8: A pro blogger has put in place an emergency savings fund to manage the transition from your old job full-time to your Blogger activity full time.

A pro blogger warned is forearmed! Indeed, from the moment you start full time and when you are leaving your income jobs will not necessarily be the same. I must have funds to maintain the same level of income and avoid tensions, a deterioration in your standard of living and quality of life. This will also help you to better manage your stress and therefore be calmer and clearer ideas as well.

The environment is key to the project holder. Everything must be thought and done for the environment is sufficiently “positive” for the Internet activity creator manufactures mental strength to deal with all the anxiety-inducing situations.Believe me, problematic situations are not lacking in the context of business creation that the latter is the net or not.

Have you turned the corner and are you ready for Blogger part-time to full-time? I assure you we are never really completely ready! We must have the taste for adventure and knowledge to manage risk in the sense of anticipation in the absence of any provision to create and develop ideas. Creating an Internet business is an adventure … like life in the end!

You can share with us your experience and how you were able to handle things. Sharing these experiences also allows progress and to help others in this great adventure of creating Internet activity.

Aashish Sharma is a Founder and Blogger at https//, specializing in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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