Marketing and Sales: 5 Innovations to Create More Customer Value

77% of executives are concerned about customer relations. This, reminded by Natalie Wright, Director General, Large Companies and Alliances Microsoft France in opening the first Afterwork of digital processing, held in early September, highlights the importance of this activity, but also the need to innovate constantly in value creation to join the company’s business interests. To inspire large groups, 5 startups came “pitching” their solution before a CIO meeting. Microsoft Ideas was.

Dial ounce: replace traditional voice servers via a digital interface

The solution: substituting traditional — and so often annoying — voice server by interactive visual interface now allows callers to be redirected, via their smartphone, to a content to respond to their request, he whether FAQs or explanatory articles. Or put them in touch with a telephone advisor if they find an answer to their question.

The benefits for the company: improving the user experience, reducing the workload of call centers, achieving substantial savings and collection of data via the interface, which does not allow single calls.

Any company that receives a large number of incoming calls may be interested: it is aimed at public service, such as job center, Engie or EDF, and airlines such as Air France or Air Canada … “ says Charles Dunston, CEO Dial Once by

TokyWoky: unite a community around its brand to build confidence

The solution: TokyWoky proposes the integration of a chat module sales site, in which visitors are encouraged to ask questions directly to their peers … before they react live:

A first validation of comments is done via keywords. Then it is the coaches [active Internet users, Ed] which moderate. And they are much more effective than what is usually done in-house , “says Timothy Deschamps TokyWoky.

The benefits for the company: more spontaneous and more direct than the comments made by the company, the peer to peer system under TokyWoky valued more realistically the products offered by the companies. Result: Customer support expenses are reduced and the conversion rates boosted. Kiabi’s platform, seduced by the solution found 7% of additional purchases via its website since the establishment of the module.

Salezeo: create a key database for commercial hands

The solution: Salezeo offers a collaborative database that lists all the contacts can have commercial need: with 25,000 members who regularly exchange online millions of contacts, Salezeo itself as the social network business.

The benefits for the company: in addition to the data type “business card” in the database, Salezeo also aggregates the messages posted publicly by the various contacts on social networks as well as the recently published articles in the press about them or about their business. The result ? Time saving and efficiency at the commercial speech to a prospect.

Braineet: enhancing consumer ideas from the brand

The solution is brought to speak directly to brands via 140 characters messages, 7,000 members of the community Braineet suggest ideas and recommendations to brands, to support field observations.

The benefits for the company: be attentive consumers can engage in conversation with them, but also to learn from their ideas to create new products or new offers.

Semsoft: analyze data rather than harvest

The solution: The offer Aggrego of Semsoft proposes passing or interacting multiple data sources, internal and external. While making them accessible to different trades through almost natural language queries ( “what customers whose businesses have more than 300 employees must renew a contract at higher X thousand?”).

The benefit for the company? Reduce tenfold the cost and time data integration while easily providing relevant business insights.

Pernod Ricard trying to aggregate good numbers of information spread across multiple sources: internal, of course, but also external with Facebook or Yelp. Aggrego will fuel their data lake to find this information. And the company will now be able to offer new services: an American client will now know which bar he can drink a beverage group via the brand’s website, for example, and if this bar is highly rated by its users . This was not the case before , “says Damien Regnault, COO of Semsoft.

Originally published at Mab Tech Blog.

Aashish Sharma is a Founder and Blogger at https//, specializing in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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