Why Google is so interested in the autonomous car

A stroke of redemption’s in robotics mapping, Google gives substance to the concept of “robomobile”. The aim is not so much to build vehicles that guide consumers to the point of sale.Google would become the Booking.com the physical world!


Firstly lexical precision. A length of articles, the “autonomous car” is used to refer to these vehicles, clad in cameras and sensors, roll without humans at the controls. In this term, I prefer that of robomobile, robotics replacing manual actions of the driver on the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals and artificial intelligence substitute for human intelligence.

Probably better, because robomobile is never distracted and did not allow any wrongdoing. Engaged in the Battle of robomobile, Google does not yet possess all the technological bricks but the US giant has the means of its ambitions with a net profit in 2014 of 14.4 billion dollars (13 billion euros). And he does not hesitate to get his check book. In the field of robotics, Google acquired in recent years eight specialized companies: Schaft, Industrial Perception, Meka Robotics Redwood, Bot & Dolly, Autofuss, Holomni and Boston Dynamics.

In terms of artificial intelligence, Google has put on the table in January 2014, $ 400 million to acquire British startups Deepmind which had 75 employees at December 31, 2013! This company uses deep learning techniques, or “deep learning” in French. This artificial intelligence will feed all the data robomobile to head into traffic.

Journey offered for shared robomobiles So much effort for robomobile must well be justified for strategic interest to Google! Thanks to all free services, such as its search engine, Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome browser, the American giant captures more than 10% of the advertising market, which now stands at about 450 billion euros. But for advertisers, advertising does not ensure, without fail, processing purchase by consumers. With robomobile, Google will directly influence the choice of passengers on their routes and destinations.

Today, the mobile application Waze, which is owned by Google, displays advertisements on the smartphone screen for navigation and offers to direct the driver to these places. But the driver does not necessarily decided to follow these recommendations! When the driver let go of the steering wheel with robomobile, it will be easier to aim it at places that pay Google. Especially, if the journey is offered byGoogle with robomobiles sharing and open access.

Google Maps would become the representation of the real world in which we must exist, otherwise disappear, the robomobile allowing Google to become the intermediary between the “POI”, points of interest, and the occupants of the cabin. But there will be a cost for those who want to be visible on Google Maps and to attract consumers via their robomobile. And Google could become the Booking.com the physical world … Photo credit: Google

Originally published at Mab Tech Blog.

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